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At Boho Shore Club, we are a haven for kindred spirits seeking to bring the essence of nature indoors. Our mission is to inspire and provide a curated collection of eclectic treasures that embody the free-spirited, warm, and natural vibes of boho living. Through every texture, color, and pattern, we aim to infuse your life with the untamed beauty of the outdoors. Join us in embracing the harmony of free expression, the comfort of earthy warmth, and the joy of surrounding yourself with pieces that reflect your wild and authentic soul. 

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Donnie, Bridgewater, NS

“Thrilled with my new journal! clean design and is a perfect place for me to write out my thoughts. Although shipping took a while as expected, it was worth the wait!!"

Eric, Montreal, QC

"Won't be the last time that I search for treasure at Boho Shore Club. Keep up the clean designs! Looking forward to what you come up with next!"

Conor, Victoria, BC

"I travel a lot for work so I really appreciate being able to enjoy a slice of home from the view from the canvas I bought." 

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